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The Peckham Safer Neighbourhood Team is your local police force; they work alongside the community wardens and are dedicated to the local area.

They are there to help with crime, anti-social behaviour and other problems you may face in the local neighbourhood.

The police officers will listen and talk to you to find out what is important to you. They can help by :

  • Patrolling your local area.
  • Working with others to solve crime.
  • Providing reassurance to those who feel frightened and vulnerable.
  • Acting on information about those who are committing crime locally.
Peckham Safer Neighbourhood Team


  • In an emergency, you should still always dial 999
  • For non emergencies that do not require an immediate response, or to report a crime phone 101 (London wide number)

You can contact the local Safer Neighbourhood Team on 020 8721 2728

or Email Peckham.SNT@met.police.uk

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  1. Hi,

    I noticed some suspicious cars and behaviour in the private car park in my development from around 11.00 tonight until 11. 25. Four cars were in the car park with a number of hooded figures congregating around one car that had 3 or 4 people in it. They definitely did not belong here. I did try the 0300 123 1212 number, but that line was constantly busy. We’ve had problems with this car park recently and previously, as the electric gates open for any car that approaches them.

    The car park is just off Burcher Gale Grove, SE15. If you drive to the barrier on Chandler way from St. George’s way and turn onto Burcher Gale Grove, the car park is first on the right.

    Are you able to send spot patrols by the area at night?

    Many thanks.

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