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343 bus problems now featured nationally on BBC TV

TV series shows chronic overcrowding problem with local buses

Tesco loading bay on BBC1

There was a programme on BBC1 on Tuesday evening about parking fines.  It included some footage filmed at the loading bay outside Tesco on Southampton Way. The programme is available on BBC iPlayer here until [..read more..]

Help to plan the free film festival: meeting on Wednesday

People who came to our recent AGM will have seen a presentation from Neil Johns of Peckham & Nunhead Free Film Festival. Last year, the film festival hosted 24 events at various venues around Peckham [..read more..]

Left behind by the 63

Regular users of the 63 bus from the St Georges Way stop will be all-too-familiar with being left behind by buses which are already packed. Over the last 2 years EQRA has raised this problem [..read more..]

Video and images from our Summer Party (2011)

After a foreboding start our 2011 Summer Party went really well. Here’s a montage video and some images from the event. Share on bebo Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via [..read more..]

Artist flies remote copter above North Peckham

Artist David Cotterrell took to the skies above EQRA properties with his remote control helicopter last week. It’s part of his ‘Slipstream‘ project, commissioned by Peckham Space in collaboration with EQRA, which aims to document [..read more..]

Ambucopter in Calypso Gardens

The Virgin Helicopter Ambulance landed in the middle of Calypso Gardens on Sunday afternoon in answer to a shooting. Residents are shocked to hear about another violent incident happening on our doorstep. Share on bebo [..read more..]

EQRA Artist wants your ideas about Peckham

Yesterday saw the opening of the Peckham Space art project in the centre of Peckham. Share on bebo Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tweet about it Subscribe to [..read more..]

Burgess Park plans in the media

Burgess Park ‘Amphitheatre’ plans in the spotlight