Last Updated: March 2013

Inadequate transport is an issue that affects just about every EQRA resident. One of the motivating factors for many of us moving to the area was proximity to Central London and the promise of new and efficient access to town which would have been provided by the Cross River Tram.

Since the election of Boris Johnson, sadly the Cross River Tram project – which we supported and campaigned for – is dead in the water.

Being realistic about this, we have subsequently directed all our energy into campaigning for better local bus services. This is about more than simply improving the reliability and capacity of the 343: it’s about taking account of where we need to travel to, and the current cost implications of this.

EQRA has a presence on the Southwark Transport Consultative Forum, and has garnered the support of local Councillors and London Assembly members who recognise that the existing transport deficit is a blight on peoples’s lives and prospects.  The North Peckham area is some distance from any tube or rail services – for a larger scale map showing how North Peckham compares to other parts of inner London, click [download id=”29″ format=”2″].

We have responded to consultations with detailed submissions both to TfL and the Mayor in an effort to highlight our needs. We’ve devised questionnaires to get genuine, up-to-date information on our members’ needs and have provided documentary and photographic evidence about problems on our route. And yes, this has involved many hours of standing out on cold, wet mornings logging data!

We feel that we have offered up very strong evidence to support our case, along with some extremely imaginative, thoughtful and cost-effective solutions.  Yet despite all the evidence, both the Mayor and TfL have said that they “cannot justify” any improvements apart from the small number of extra journeys they have added to the 343.  They have dismissed all of our suggestions, and told EQRA that they will not introduce any direct links from Southampton Way to anywhere in Central London.  Click [download id=”39″ format=”2″] (PDF) for a summary of what has been suggested and TfL’s responses.

TfL have also dismissed our evidence of overcrowding on routes 63 and 363, stating that they are satisfied these services are “adequate”!  TfL’s own planning guidelines state that, on average, buses should be no more than 70-80% full in the busiest hour of the day- click [download id=”34″ format=”2″] (PDF) to see how route 63 complies, and how many buses leave passengers behind.  Still not convinced?  Watch our videos below to see just how bad it is!

Correspondence with Mayor Boris Johnson

Below are links to the documents which show our correspondence to date with Mayor Boris Johnson on the  issue of transport for North Peckham


  • [download id=”52″ format=”7″] – latest, and we’re still waiting for a reply
  • [download id=”51″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”50″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”48″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”49″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”45″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”33″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”27″ format=”7″]


  • [download id=”26″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”9″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”10″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”25″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”3″ format=”7″]
  • [download id=”24″ format=”7″]
Submissions to TfL
  • Our February 2010 submission is [download id=”35″ format=”2″]
  • Our December 2010 submission is [download id=”14″ format=”2″]
  • A January 2011 follow-up submission is [download id=”36″ format=”2″]
Slides from our 2011 AGM

Here is a link to our [download id=”37″ format=”7″]

What can you do?
Sign the petition here!

Please sign the online petition for better bus services to Southampton Way

Please also contact London Buses to let them know if you experience any difficulties with our local bus services, either by phone 0845 300 7000 (08:00-20:00 Monday to Friday) by e-mail or over the web by clicking here – whether to report a specific incident, or to highight any deficiencies in your current journeys (for example having to change if there is no direct bus, or ongoing problems with overcrowded services!)  You might only get a standard reply, but it will help maintain pressure on London Buses to resolve the issues.