What is EQRA?

As the regeneration of north Peckham became a reality, an influx of new people moved into the area.  Just as many of the new homes had snagging problems, there were issues too with the new area itself.

It became obvious, through chance conversations and random meetings, that we were all complaining about the same things. No street-lighting; lack of recycling facilities; safety issues in Burgess Park; inadequate public transport and very few amenities within the immediate vicinity.

Towards the end of 2007, two community-minded individuals got together and floated the idea locally of forming a Residents’ Association to address some of these problems. The response was positive and EQRA was born.

The first AGM took place in January 2008: a Committee was duly elected; a Constitution adopted – and all those present came up with the name Evolution Quarter.

It’s simply an amalgam of the original marketing names of the two housing estates represented by the association. South Quarter (completed in 2004 by Copthorn Homes, part of Countryside Properties) spreads out along the west side of Chandler Way and Evolution (a development built by Laing Homes in 2005/06) sits on the east side of Chandler Way.

Residents particularly liked the aspirational feel of the name which neatly sums up our sense of an area that’s evolving fast.

EQRA represents some 310 properties in total – a mix of townhouses and apartments with a very diverse mix of occupants.

Anyone who lives in one of the properties shown below (whether renting, or an owner-occupier and regardless of how long one has been in the area) is automatically a member of EQRA.

Dwellings covered by EQRA (click for larger image)