Our Mission

To make our area of North Peckham a great place to live

Our Vision

A great place to live is a safe place to live; an attractive place to live and a place where amenities for life and leisure are on hand.  Many of these elements are currently missing and it is our aim to campaign for better provision.

We wish to raise awareness of transport deficits; poor safety and street-lighting records; encourage businesses into the area and breathe life into a place with little character or identity.

We believe that a vibrant community is an inclusive community – and welcome diversity. This means economic diversity as well as social and ethnic diversity.

We need to attract and / or keep families, young professionals, students, the elderly  – and retain a balance that defies the public perception of ghetto-ised North Peckham.

To this end, we will aim to organise social events as well as public meetings that foster good community relations and encourage a more cohesive society.

We will put our minds together creatively to raise funds for playgrounds; public art work and more greenery – all of which we hope will restore a sense of civic pride.