New development plans for Burgess Business Park

The commercial zone bordered by Wells Way, Parkhouse Street and Southampton Way could be undergoing massive transformation if recently submitted plans to Southwark Council are approved.

The aim is create a mix of housing, caf├ęs and independent shops in place of the current industrial estate, used by a number of local business and the police for vehicle storage.

To date the main issue of contention has been the height of some key buildings, originally proposed at 14 stories, now been revised down to 12.

The plans include 500+ residential dwellings, 35% being affordable housing (mix of social and shared ownership), 450 sq m of ‘affordable workspace’ for local businesses and 900+ bays for bike parking.

We always welcome regeneration of the area, however our primary concern would be the pressures on local public transport and parking in the area. We are seeking to meet with the developers and welcome any input from residents.

You can browse the official plans submitted to Southwark Council and check out the developer’s web site to find out more about the plans.


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