Crash and Burn on Chandler Way

Billowing smoke was seen emanating from the central Evolution block on Chandler Way on bank holiday Monday when a potentially disastrous blaze started in a top-floor flat.

The actual apartment itself appears to have been unoccupied at the time of the fire and thankfully the emergency services were on the scene quickly. There are unconfirmed reports that the flat in question was being used to cultivate cannabis plants. It’s likely that it was some of the equipment used for this was instrumental in starting the fire.

Amazingly, people in the block itself weren’t aware of the fire until other local residents who could smell the fire from outside started knocking on people’s doors to warn them.

Smoke was seen billowing out of the top window of the stairwell from the back of the block. It’s a wake-up call to everyone not only to be vigilant – but to make sure you have a functioning smoke alarm.





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