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Apr 092012

Over the last year or so, there has been talk of a possible extension to the Bakerloo Line from Elephant & Castle towards Lewisham.  This might bring it to Peckham, alternatively it might follow the route of the Old Kent Road instead.  We might end up with a tube station in the North Peckham area, but we might not.

None of this is going to happen any time soon.  Building a new tube extension would take several years.  However, even before building work can start, detailed plans have to be drawn up and consulted on, the route and stations have to be decided, the necessary legal processes have to be followed and funding has to be secured.  It is a long and time-consuming process.

The Mayor, Boris Johnson, has talked about extending the Bakerloo Line.  While it is good that the idea is at least being talked about, Boris Johnson has not committed any funding to start developing any plans.  TfL recently stated that a Bakerloo extension is not on their list of priorities at the moment.  So no work is being done at the moment to develop the idea any further.  It’s just an idea, nothing more.

We very much hope that one day, the tube will not only be extended, but also that a station will be built to serve this area.  At the moment, compared to just about anywhere else in Zone 2, we are about the furthest away from any tube or rail station.   That isn’t going to change any time just yet.  We estimate that a Bakerloo Line extension is at least 15 years away, and that’s if it happens at all.

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