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Jan 252012

Our neighbours in the Wel343, the only bus on Southampton Wayls Way Triangle Residents’ Association have set up a petition for better public transport along Southampton Way.

EQRA has long campaigned for better local bus services.  The 343 will take you to Elephant and London Bridge but you have no other choice from Southampton Way or Wells Way.  If you want to get into the City or West End, you have to change (and pay again if you don’t have a bus pass or Travelcard).  This area needs a better choice of local transport services!

If you haven’t already signed the petition, click here

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  One Response to “Please sign the bus petition!”

  1. Dear All,

    I am having another nice experience of the 343 service. Forty minutes at the bus stop and three buses passed by without stopping. May I suggest to bring the petition on paper in the morning at the bus stops? I am sure that a few of the 22 persons waiting with me now would be more than happy to sign it. Alternatively the petition could be simply advertised with prints of the website to be given to people with the weblink. I believe that with the amount of fees that we pay we are entitled to a much better service.

    All the best with the petition


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