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Dec 042011

Last weekend, Southwark Council arranged a tour of the transformation work which is going on in Burgess Park.  Amongst the local people present were several residents of the Evolution and South Quarter developments.

There is mixed news about progress to date.  The bad news is that the project, and therefore the park reopening, have been delayed by the discovery of two huge diesel tanks buried beneath the park between Wells Way and Camberwell Road.  At some stage, diesel had leaked from the tanks, contaminating the surrounding earth.  This unwelcome discovery has meant that costly additional work has been needed to clear the tanks and de-contaminate the surrounding area.  Southwark Council have assured us, however, that the leaked fuel has not posed a threat to public health.

As a result of the discovery of the tanks, and the additional work required to remove them and decontaminate the earth, the completion of the transformation project is running late.  The park won’t now re-open in March, as previously intended.  We are hopeful, however, that the park will be open again by the beginning of summer 2012.

EQRA has asked Southwark Council whether the section of the park east of Wells Way can be opened sooner.  Sadly, this won’t be possible.  Once all of the work is complete, the grass seeding will need to be done.  It is now too late to do this before next Spring, therefore ‘our’ side of the park will also not be able to reopen any sooner.

On a brighter note, the playground for older children will open as soon as it is ready.  This playground is close to the café at Chumleigh Gardens.

Our photos of the park transformation works can be viewed on Flickr, click here

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