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Jun 262011

David Cotterrell’s project Slipstream (commissioned in association with EQRA) is currently showing at Peckham Space. His film takes residents’ stories as its starting point and explores social, geographical and personal histories of the area.

The organisers have been collecting other stories from local people about their memories and experiences of the North Peckham Estate. These testimonies are being added to an interactive map and, when the exhibition is over, will become a permanent part of the Southwark Archive – housed at Newington Library on Walworth Road.

Evolution and South Quarter are both relatively new estates, but do you remember the North Peckham Estate as it was before our homes were built? Did you previously live on the North Peckham Estate or know someone who did? Do you remember the high-rise walkways?

If you do have a story to tell or a photo to show, you can drop these into Peckham Space or email them to info@peckhamspace.com with ‘MEMORIES OF NORTH PECKHAM ESTATE’ in the subject line.

You’re also invited to take part in an event ‘Memories of  North Peckham’ on 16th July from 2-4pm, where residents can meet one another and discuss their memories over free tea and biscuits.

You can find out more about Slipstream by David Cotterrell at www.peckhamspace.com

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