Burgess Park to close in the next few weeks

While the Revitalise project is delivered, most of Burgess park will be closed to the public. The process will take months, not weeks.

The car park will be out of use until summer 2012. When the car park is re-instated, there will no longer be all day parking.

Obviously this is a major inconvenience to our members – however, no pain: no gain, as they say.

EQRA has questioned the duration, extent and timing of the closures: which are more drastic than we expected. Certainly the prospect of the long summer holidays with no large open space is not appealing and may have knock-on consequences for our own estates.

It all boils down to cost as it makes sense financially to have all the big machinery doing the earthworks in the park at once. It is also cheaper, simpler and potentially safer to close off the entire area, rather than create a maze of constantly-changing hoardings.

Lastly, it was explained at the most recent stakeholder meeting, all seeding in the park must take place in September – so timing is critical. If the works aren’t completed by next spring (including planting etc), the Mayor’s money will have to be returned to City Hall as there is a strict deadline for the completion of the project.

Southwark Council issued the following message :

“Dear Resident, Work will soon start on the next stage of improvements to Burgess Park as part of the Revitalisation Project. Our contractors are set to get to work, carrying out improvements to the lake, creating better entrances, and removing redundant roads and pathways. When the work is complete visitors to the park will also see:

  • Two new wetland habitats created for the redesigned lake
  • 164 extra trees
  • An exciting new over fives play ground
  • A newly created lawn and wildlife garden (St. George’s gardens)
  • New ‘rain gardens’ that capture surface water drainage at entrances
  • New seating and signage
  • New landscaping to the central lawn

It’s planned that contractors will be on site from the end of May. They will be getting the site ready for the works by putting up hoardings and fencing over a five week period. Over this time access in to the park will gradually be reduced. From 20 June onwards several parts of the park will be closed until the completion of the project in March 2012.  However the following will remain open throughout the works:

  • Park Life cafe and Chumleigh Gardens areas
  • Sports facilities (tennis, Astroturf, rugby and cricket)
  • Cobourg Road wildlife area
  • St. George’s Church
  • Old baths and library
  • Adventure playground
  • Surrey Canal Walk and spaces to the east of Trafalgar Avenue

We will keep you regularly updated with progress of the work via our website and facebook pages. If you have any questions about the works please do not hesitate to contact the project manager, Ruth Miller at ruth.miller@southwark.gov.uk.”

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