Buses: TfL and Boris say “no” (again!)

The Mayor of London and Transport for London have both recently written back to EQRA, stating that TfL will not be introducing any direct bus links from Southampton Way or North Peckham.  Neither the Mayor nor TfL has satisfactorily addressed the points we have raised.

TfL have also assured EQRA that they consider capacity on routes 63 and 363 to be adequate, despite all the evidence we have submitted to show that it isn’t.

We will not be beaten on this, and will continue to press the case for adequate transport links in this area.  Can you help us to help you?

If you think better transport in this area would help you, now would be a good time to contact TfL and tell them.  You can either go to http://www.tfl.gov.uk/contact and click on “make a suggestion” or you can send an e-mail to customerservices.buses@tfl.gov.uk  It will help if you tell them:

  • which street you live in
  • where you travel to regularly, and the reason (e.g. “to Oxford Circus where I work”)  You can name more than one place or reason if you wish!
  • how long the journey can take (e.g. “the journey often takes at least three-quarters of an hour”)

If you have to change buses, or from bus to tube, tell them.  If you think this adds inconvenience to your journey too, don’t forget to tell them that too. 

If you find that buses leave you behind because they are full – it doesn’t matter whether it is the 63, 343 or 363, tell them which route.  Tell them how long you often have to wait before you can get on a bus.

If you find you often have a long wait before a bus turns up, tell them which route it is, and how long you find yourself waiting.

If you don’t use the 63, 343 or 363, either because they are overcrowded, or because you can’t rely on them or because they don’t take you where you want to go, do you walk to a more distant stop (e.g. to Old Kent Road, Peckham Road or Camberwell Road) before you get a bus?  Would you prefer it if there were more convenient services at one of the more local stops?  If so, tell them!

Don’t be disheartened if the only response you get is a standard reply which doesn’t answer in detail what you tell them.  What matters is to keep the pressure up.  EQRA thinks North Peckham deserves better than what TfL and the Mayor are currently providing!

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