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Oct 152010

Residents’ patience is stretched to the limit as the Mayor denies the transport deficit blighting our everyday lives.

Despite a well-researched and compelling case from EQ’s very own transport champions, an insulting brush-off was received last month from City Hall.

Our commitment to improving this area remains rock solid, and pushing for better transport is a key part of the “EQ mission”, so a reply to Boris Johnson has been sent. It has drawn admiration and support from local politicians, with Val Shawcross and Caroline Pidgeon pressing for improvements on our behalf.

You can read Mr Johnson’s brush-off here

and our subsequent riposte here

Meanwhile, if you do experience an unacceptable wait for a bus / cannot get on the bus due to over-crowding, please take a few moments to complain directly to TfL (just follow the links – Help & Contact; Make a complaint; Buses). Make sure you note details of time and date as well as the location. The more individual complaints, the more hard evidence there will be to boost our case.

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