Burgess Park – New Café Now Open

The new Café at Chumleigh Gardens is now open.

It’s situated next to the new children’s playground, has outdoor seating (on warm days!), and looks very inviting.

Prices are only slightly higher than the original café (a relief), there’s a good choice on the menu, and free WiFi coming soon! Coffee is fair trade and eggs are free range.

Regulars of the old cafe will be pleased to hear there is still access to the world garden.

There’s an official opening this Saturday (11 Sept) with a bouncy castle, free food samples and some music and dance. More blurb from the Southwark Council PDF – [download id=”8″ format=”5″]


  1. Congratulations Southwark, the New Cafe in Burgess Park is fantastic. A modern look in an old building with friendly service and the best breakfast both my friend and I have ever had.

    Well done to all involved

  2. I had read about the £6m regeneration project underway at Burgess Park and decided to have a look for myself – it’s certainly buzzing and will be absolutely amazing when finished!
    After a walk around the park, lake and the lovely Chumleigh gardens, we stopped for brunch at the new Burgess Park Cafe (run by Sarah and Kevin French who run a number of eateries including the Green Roof Cafe at High Elms which we know very well and love.)
    We were not disappointed….the food is freshly prepared and the breakfasts are second to none, they use local produce where possible and the eggs are always free range. I’s particularly good for us as we can sit comfortably outside with our dog after a nice walk and enjoy a prefect cup of coffee with great food and friendly service – highly recommend.

  3. I went to the new Cafe’ IN The Park, in Burgess Park, yesterday, and I must admit that I was disappointed. The food was quite a bit more expensive and less varied than it used to be, and, looking out from the big windows you can see only a huge area of concrete paving stone together with the dreadful Aylesbury Estate, instead of the lovely collection of plants you could see before. In my opinion, the cafe’ has completely lost its ambience, feeling of intimacy, and originality. It’s now just the same as every cafe’ in the park all over London. Shame!

  4. We went there today and I was dissapointed. The design is cool but its compact – not much space for buggies, no play area for kids, it’s a narrow ‘corridor’ with big windows (IMHO insensitive to the original building ) and views to the concrete and (in summer owercrowded) tiny playground. The cake for 1.50 is a fair deal, but I felt like sitting in McDonald and thought the staff was happy when we left (and 3 not very loud kids with us). Mind you – it was empty.
    I’m very sad the old cafe is closed, we spent last 3summers there and used the complain about the manu and speed with which the staff was serving….where are those good times? ;-(

  5. Took my family to the cafe last weekend for breakfast, all 6 of us enjoyed the food, best breakfasts we’ve had in a long time, the staff were very friendly and welcoming and the service was quick, very pleasant clean surroundings good experience had by all.

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