peckham space exterior

EQRA Artist wants your ideas about Peckham

Yesterday saw the opening of the Peckham Space art project in the centre of Peckham.

It’s a project EQRA is closely associated with having been part of the selection panel to choose the first artist – David Cotterell – to be given the chance to design an exhibition specifically for the space.

David Cotterell’s idea is to use a remote controlled miniature helicopter to fly above Peckham taking high resolution images of the area, and building a project comparing them with images and memories from Peckham’s past.

EQRA Chair Meriam Soope and artist David Cotterell

EQ Chair Meriam Soopee introduced the artist who then went on to explain what his project would involve.

David looking for help from people around Peckham to get their stories about life in Peckham, the things they see and the things that have changed.

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